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Car Hire

  • Trotter van

  • Ford Anglia

  • Bumblebee​

  • LAPD

  • Herbie

Wedding photography

your big day, your way

Those searching for conventional wedding photography, please revise your online search now!


Here at EA we're all about personality and we want that to shine through in the pictures we take so you can treasure them for the rest of your lives.

Vintage sweet cart

Hire our vintage sweet cart. By order of the 'Sweety Blinders'!

Let Event Additions transport you back to 1920's Birmingham, where unscrupulous confectionary dealers roamed the streets peddling wares such as fizzy bottles of coke, white mice running everywhere and people falling over because they've had too many wine gums. Choose from our mouth watering selection of classic candy that will have you and your guests walking down memory lane in no time.

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