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Wedding Photography

Those searching for conventional wedding photography, please revise your online search now!


Here at EA we're all about personality and we want that to shine through in the pictures we take so you can treasure them for the rest of your lives.

Your big day is exactly that, yours. We'll work with you in advance to discuss any shots that matter but beyond that, our approach on the day is to go with the natural flow of things. Capturing moments that would otherwise pass you by is our speciality. Father and daughter holding hands before the ceremony or the Best Man genuinely believing he can dance like Michael Jackson in the evening, priceless moments that we will focus on capturing for you because they only happen once.

Our pricing continues with the simplicity theme, no hidden extras. The daily rate is exactly that, the rate for the day. Genius idea.

The price for the day is £1950 and includes our photographer, Andy and second shooter, Paul. We deliver this as standard so you don't miss one single moment! Bride prep and Groom prep all covered. 


Our dedicated team will join you from 8am if you wish, all the way through to when the dancing gets underway so all of the moments that matter are included.

Ready to get snapping? Let's schedule a call and talk through making your memories a reality. We want to hear all about you and what's important to both of you.

Get in touch with us here

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